Seter burgers

Hamburger plate    159,–
Cheeseburger plate    169,–
Baconcheeseburger plate    179,–
Bluecheeseburger plate    169,–


Gourmet burgers

Knettsetra´s homemade burger    215,–
Knettsetra´s moose burger    215,–
Salmon burger   205,–
Pulled pork burger    195,–


Vegan menu

Knettsetra´s homemade vegetarian burger    195,–
Ceasar sallad    119,–
Vegetarian soup of the day    108,–
Vegan dish: Falafel served in pitabread    175,–


Other dishes

Cesar sallad with chicken and bacon   179,–
Gulasj soup     119,–
Sausage with french fries    96,–
Hot dog    30,–
Dish of the day    119,– /149,–


Kids menu (for children up to 12 years)

Childrens menu with one small soda    89,- pr person.
Kids burger with french fries, salad, aioli.
Sausage with french fries, salad, aioli.
Fried chicken with french fries, salad, aioli.
Gulasj soup



Waffel    40,–
Waffel menu*    210 ,–
Belgium waffel*     45,–
Belgium waffel menu*     240,–

*drink to menu: coffe/hot chocolate/blackcurrant toddy.

Coffee    27,–
Hot chocolate    32,–
Blackcurrant toddy    29,–
Mineralwater 0,5 l    45,–

Ice cream in a cup    40,–
Ice cream on waffel    80,–
Ice cream on belgium waffel     85,–